Research Day for 2016 took place on Nov 26, 2016 /
Journée de la recherche 2016 a eu lieu le 26 Nov, 2016

The abstract book can be accessed here /
Le livre des résumés peut être consultée ici

Photos from the event are available here /
Photos de l’événement sont disponibles ici

winners (morning session) / gagnants (séance du matin)

1st / 1ère place:

Amanda Nitschke, David Huynh, Grace Crolla, Sawila Bayat: “Waterpipe Smoke Exposure and Restrictive Lung Diseases: A Structured Review”


2nd / 2e place:

Karine Riad, Marissa Absi, Michel Khoury, Marco Ragusa: “Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Therapy in Post-Stroke Rehabilitation of Upper Limb Function”

3rd / 3e place:

Lina Ghandour, Seyma Uran, Fazliha Tuan Kichil, Khadeeja Hafizi: “Amalgam filling: potential health risks”

winners (afternoon session) / gagnants (session de l’après-midi)

1st / 1ère place:

Agnes Cadieux, Deanna Bartlett: “HIV Elite Controllers – the Issue at Heart”


2nd / 2e place:

Philip Lam, Theodore Boufaical: “Effective Depression Therapy for Canadian University Students”

3rd / 3e place:

Batoul Kazan, Lama Zeitoun: “Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: The Line between Self-Medicating and Substance Abuse”

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